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short stories

here you find a selection of my short short stories ...

creator of worlds

Now I must realize: I am only a big child and the world has not lost even a bit of its scare. But I lost my magic and instead of having faith I need to have knowledge. Where are the spirits, used to follow me?
Then I have to create them once again!
Bigger and mightier than ever to let them beat the growing, exploding World.
And then I will take my totem and seek my fortune. I do not really believe in finding it, but I will tell those who want to follow me: "We seek our fortune, because we know, it is somewhere in the world."
When I close my eyes, I see my way - it is difficult to follow it, while the eyes are open and it is covered by the worlds glowing lights.
And archaic songs will I sing and dispute with the wind and the thunder.

First publication: FidoNet, AUTOREN.GER, Fr September 03., 1999, 20:54


do you know...

It is a little bit more than one month till Christmas, but the typical cold-wet weather, which depresses the people and sometimes drives them into death, does its effect, yet.
The people are bad-tempered and have the flu.
I am slowly recovering from a cold, myself. I thought to be in dilirium, when I met
Santa Claus in the elevator, today!
I am quite sure, he was not there before I winked.
He looked, as if he had escaped a commercial. He weared the inevitable red coat, a floating white beard and a big smile in his round face.
I expected him to be bigger, but he was only one and a half meters tall.
When somebody left the elevator, he put down his big bag and talked to me:
"Surprised, aren't you? Chimney - Hohoho... In these days you cannot simply enter houses, lay the gifts under the tree and disappear, without being arrested!
A lot of modern houses or flats in apartment buildings do not even have a chimney!
I am glad, they didn't withdraw the flying licence, but the windscreen wiper is stuck from tickets, whenever I park the sled at the roadside! And mankind increased so much, that I must start delivering gifts in november to make sure that at least the truly well-behaved parents do not stand with empty hands in front of their children on christmas!" When the elevator stopped, he took his bag and sprinted away. I was left in confusion. He shouted: "If you can efford a couple of days before christmas, call me. I need some help!"
In the evenning I found a visiting card in my jacket, which read "original santa claus" followed by a phone number.
Should I really call?

First publication: FidoNet, AUTOREN.GER, Do November 18, 1999, 00:19


In the underground

I step back from the railroad to prevent the unfolding mirror from catching me.
U4 direction Stresemannallee drives into the station and stops slowly.
Standing beside the door I wait until some passengers have left the waggon, then I enter. While the doors shut, a teenager passes and interrupt the beam of light. He blocks the door until three of his friends breathlessly arrive.
The doors shut and the train moves.
In the meantime I have taken a seat. It does not take very long until Hoehenstrasse, but after I have spent two hours at Hertie and Radio Diehl,
I am glad I can have a rest.
A man, about 30 years asks another passenger for a tissue. He is of average size, his clothing looks worn. He asks second person, because the first ignores him.
He asks the next when this one ignores him, too. Meanwhile he comes closer.
Still nobody feels to be urged to fulfil his request.
Now he unsuccessfully asks the gentleman two seats away from me.
I hold up my opened box of tissues, he comes closer and takes one.
While he thanks, he sits down next to me. He blow his nose.
His hair is disordered, some grey hairs and furrows give him an older look.
"The people fear, I could contaminate them. They even do not have the courage to give me a tissue." is his comment.

He leaves the train one station before me.

First publication: FidoNet, AUTOREN.GER, So August 18, 1996, 14:46


playing soccer

Soccer clubs are so poor that two clubs have to share one ball. There are a lot of white lines on the lawn and two stands, each of them holds a net. The playing-field is surrounded by shields displaying names, called "advertisements" - this must be the players' names.
Playing soccer must be almost similar to fishing, that explains the nets.
The stadion is filled with 40.000 visitors, whose job is to hinder the game through loud shouting.
Every team has eleven players, which kick a not so white globe, called ball. One player of each team stands all the game near one of the two drying nets. One extra player, seems to have lost a family member, because he wears black clothes. He follows the ball like the others, but does never catch it, what makes him whistle displeased.
Sometimes he shows a yellow card, what displeases a randomy chosen other player. Or he shows a red card, what makes a randomly chosen player leave the playing-field and take a rest.
The goal is to hit the players nearby the nets. Those try to escape by jumping around.
Sometimes a player gets broken and has to be repaired. Then the mourning one annoyes the others by showing one of his well-mixed yellow and red cards.

First publication: in the newspapaer "Tagesanzeiger", Maintal, April 01, 1986

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